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I'm Hope, and hopefully you enjoy my hubs.

I have a personal interest in things that will help me grow old gracefully! I'm on a mission so to speak!

I've enjoyed writing a few hubs on different topics and I plan to write a few more when I get time away from my latest project!

I'm currently working on my 8 Habits To Increase Brain Power Naturally at Any Age. I've been doing lots of research over the last couple of years and I came down to 8 simple daily habits that anyone can do, at any age, starting today to help maintain or improve their memory and brain functions.

Catch you soon,


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  • Michael Phelps - Good or Bad Role Model

    Michael Phelps - Good or Bad Role Model

    4 years ago

    Right up front I am going to say that Michael Phelps is one very cool guy. One of the things I most admirable about him was at the 2004 Athens Olympic games he gave up his spot in the Mens 4x100m Medley relay so...