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  • What I Am Dreaming

    What I Am Dreaming

    20 months ago

    The author describes his dreams about Nature and God and how both Nature and God has a significant impact in his life.

  • What Is Life

    What Is Life

    20 months ago

    The author defines the meaning of life from his experience. He also questioned the nuance of life and compares it with a volatile north sea.

  • Creator, Creation And Creativity

    Creator, Creation And Creativity

    20 months ago

    The author glorifies the creativity of the Almighty creator, and is in the state of confusion with the stunning creation and asking Lord's blessings.

  • A Thank To God

    A Thank To God

    20 months ago

    The author thanks to God for sending a messenger of love who transformed his life.

  • How Big Data Is Shaping Our Future

    How Big Data Is Shaping Our Future

    20 months ago

    The constant data deluge leads our life to an era of data overload, and these data are all about our social choices, technical adoptions, psychological behaviors, cultural significance, and economic acceptances.

  • Why Sydney Is the Best Place to Visit

    Why Sydney Is the Best Place to Visit

    20 months ago

    The urban landscape of the city is well structured, the historical sites are perfectly preserved, the natural ecosystem is fully developed, and the social fabric of the city is well accustomed. In my opinion, Sydney has all the qualities to be an ideal city.

  • 12 Reasons to Visit Manila

    12 Reasons to Visit Manila

    20 months ago

    Situated on Manila bay, Manila often gets a bad rap for its horrific traffic jams and is being constantly criticized for uprising of crime and corruption, poverty and pollution, but the metropolis continues to attract tourists for its vibrant culture, exotic foods, and ancient cultural heritage.

  • Journey of My Life

    Journey of My Life

    21 months ago

    The author depicts the vivacious journey of his life and the deeply disturbing questions in his mind that he hopes to share with God one day.

  • Immortal Love

    Immortal Love

    21 months ago

    The author has deeply expressed the anguish of society and how the insane barbarian became obstructionists on the path of love. The author's love is so pure that he has expressed hope and trust that he can overcome thousands of barriers to prove the power of his immortal love.

  • The Guardians of God

    The Guardians of God

    20 months ago

    To realize God, Man has created Gods of religions and even ‘personal God’. Man likes to see God everywhere, at home or in the church, mosque, temple or gurdwar, his curiosity to know God has never been exhausting. Whether it is home God, temple God, and man is still confused that God is one.

  • You Are My Love

    You Are My Love

    21 months ago

    The author writes this poem from his heart about his first love and how it turns a feeling of never ending love and romance. The poem focuses on true sense of love and eternal blessings and how it changes the life and time together.


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