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I am an Indian by birth but mentally I think I am a citizen of the world. I am a Hindu by religion but again mentally I belong to all religion, the religion of humanity. I stayed at Kolkata in India, Manchester in UK, and NJ in US. I had the opportunity to see the different places of UK, US and West Germany. I came across with the families of Western, Asian and Indian culture in my life time. Now I find writing of articles gives me pleasure as I could discover the glory of Globe and simultaneously I could know more by reading similar articles through the gifts of internet. Let us be friends through the gifts of Internet in the exchange of views for knowing the different tourist places of the globe and also the world affairs for the benefit of international understanding.URL: http://hubpages.com/profile/H+P+Roychoudhury

Who is HP?

He is Mr. H.P.( Hari Pada) Roychoudhury, M.Sc in Chemistry from Gauhati University (1964) and PhD from University of Manchester (1977) and LLB in 1982 (G.U). He joined Cotton College in 1966 and retired in 1999 as Professor and Head of Chemistry. Mr. Roychoudhury went to U.K. in 1972 and has come back to Cotton College in 1977 after getting his PhD from the University of Manchester, leaving the service of Lab. Assistant of UMIST of Manchester and the luxurious life in British Land as he has love for his country India, he returned to his birth place India. He joined Gauhati High Court in 2003 and formed Guwahati High Court Advocate Association and till today he is one of the members of the Association. He is a member of the Cotton College Retired Teachers’ Forum. He shares the sufferings along with the victims of terror strikes in different places of India including the victims of Guwahati and Mumbai where the number of victims was more than any other place.

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