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Born in upstate New York, 1952. Grew up in a shotgun cottage by the banks of the Genesee River. Found work in a local restaurant at sixteen and left school the next year. From 18 to 22 he traveled the East Coast working 12 hours a day as a cook and educating himself 4-6 hours each night.

In 1976 he met Jesus Christ. He asked forgiveness for his sins and invited Christ into his life. When all the other relationships around him fell apart and finally failed, Jesus Christ became the Rock he learned to rely on.

By 2009, he'd been living in Arizona for sixteen years and worked as a landscape designer for twenty. Like so many others in today's economy, Ted found himself out of work. But he could write and he could teach. It was time for a new career.

Now he's arrived on HubPages; dishing out humor and wit like Mark Twain and bulging at the waist like Santa Claus.

His lovely and talented wife, Linda, is a faithful helper; providing a very gentle check on his (often) rampant creativity.

It was God Almighty Who sent her. Cuz God help you folks when she's not here to crack the whip on his fine-feathered nonsense. Lol.

So settle in. Set a spell fer sure. The coffee's always fresh. And he's always glad to talk with folks.. one on one.

Catch him while you can though. Another visitor could show up any minute now.

He's never rude to a guest.

He'll just show you the door with a smile and ask you kindly... to stop by again... anytime at all.

Kinda like he was play-actin' to be that old-time TV lawyer... the sly, old, southern one; Matlock! That's it. In person he's kinda like Matlock. Then somethin' terrible happens to that wonderful old gentleman.

And... Robin Williams tears his way out of Matlock's chest.. like in that "Aliens" movie.

Hopefully his wife is around here somewhere...

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