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Kulsum Afia is my pen name. I am currently doing my MD residency. I write only on topics that inspire me. Hope you enjoy my work !

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  • Seashore


    8 weeks ago

    Life's lessons can be learnt in all of nature's creations. All you need to do, is look.

  • Its_written


    5 days ago

    Often we cry over the decisions we took and what it brought us to, not realising that it is all part of a divine plan to take us where we are destined to be, and that it is best for us.

  • To mum and dad, with love

    To mum and dad, with love

    8 months ago

    Parents - people who love you and support you, no matter what. Whatever we can give back will be too little compared to how much they do for us. This is for mum and dad.

  • To Maastricht with love

    To Maastricht with love

    5 months ago

    Maastricht - not enough words in the world to describe how absolutely amazing this place and its people were. Here's to hoping life offers another chance and doesnt in a single meeting fold !

  • Musings of a troubled mind

    Musings of a troubled mind

    11 months ago

    A troubled mind worries about the future and reminiscences about the past. So many contrasting emotions and not enough words to express.

  • Let us take a moment, shed a tear

    Let us take a moment, shed a tear

    11 months ago

    There are so many things in our lives that we regret and wish we could do differently. Here I try to bring into focus a few such scenarios and to take a moment off and shed a tear !

  • The heart wants what it wants

    The heart wants what it wants

    11 months ago

    Here I try to capture the vagaries of the heart. How we are always caught between the what ifs and the have nots.