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Alex H (Huskitron)

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For the majority of my existence, I've lived in Oregon. I was born here, went through the cirlcle of hell known as "high school" here, and even plan on dying here. The only times I ever felt at ease in this world, was when I was either playing videogames or writing. I'm socially awkward and not a fan holding conversations, so pen to paper is the only way people tend to get to know me. I'm not like that with all people, but you have to be someone that I feel I can undeniably trust.


After being out of high school for many years, I've FINALLY decided I want to be a writer. That could either mean writing a novel or dedicating my time to blogs/articles. College is definitely going to be a must, I'm just trying to figure out the financial part of it. Always follow your dreams, right?

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