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Who am I? Many things to many people! Mother, daughter, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, friend, employee, counselor, trusted adviser. I am an artist, photographer, gardener, cook, housekeeper, blogger, writer, designer, seamstress. I am smart, intuitive and funny. I am optimistic and look for the good in any person, place or situation.

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  • Planting Seeds in Soil Blocks

    Planting Seeds in Soil Blocks

    6 years ago

    This lens is part three of Seed Starting in Soil Blocks Part two can be found at Making Soil Blocks Now that you have gotten your soil blocks made and admired how neat and even they look it's time to plant the seeds....

  • Italian Potato Soup

    Italian Potato Soup

    6 months ago

    When ever I go to eat at the Olive Garden Restaurant I always order the soup and salad special. The soup I always order because I love it so much is the Zuppa Toscana, an Italian potato soup. One day I decided to see if...

  • The McCulloch Electric Shredder

    The McCulloch Electric Shredder

    6 months ago

    An electric garden shredder can be a big help in your organic garden. Since things like tree and shrub prunings and corn stalks take a long time to break down in the compost pile it really speeds up decomposition to...

  • How to Paint Ladybug Rocks

    How to Paint Ladybug Rocks

    5 months ago

    Painting rocks to look like lady bugs is a fast and easy project for beginning painters. This is a great project for rainy days when the kids are bored.

  • Seed Starting in Soil Blocks; Part 1 of 3

    Seed Starting in Soil Blocks; Part 1 of 3

    6 months ago

    Soil blocks are basically a peat based potting mix is soaked with water and packed into a gadget, the soil block maker. You set the block maker on a steady surface and push the plunger down while at the same time you...

  • Growing Potatoes in the Desert

    Growing Potatoes in the Desert

    5 months ago

    While in other places you would plant potatoes as early as February or March, here in the desert foothills, June is a good month to start. Learn this and more about growing potatoes.

  • Trim & Molding: Is Wood or Plastic Better?

    Trim & Molding: Is Wood or Plastic Better?

    13 months ago

    Is plastic trim and molding better than wood? Why or why not? I've had both in my house and here's my comparison.