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Hi all, my name is Steven and I'm a person that enjoys writing, movies, gaming, anime, interacting with people and sharing my thoughts. I have a goal of getting to 1000 lenses, hopefully i wont be 20 years older by the time i acheive that goal. lets get started shall we..

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  • 14 Games like Kingdom Rush

    14 Games like Kingdom Rush

    4 years ago

    Kingdom Rush by Armor Games, is a tower defense game that revitalizes the genre. The game takes place on a path, upon which, players face wave after wave of enemies that appear in predetermined intervals. Kingdom Rush...

  • Best PC Games 2013

    Best PC Games 2013

    13 months ago

    2012 has been an amazing year for gamers so far and 2013 looks like it will be even better. With Heavyweights such as Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Devil May Cry, SimCity and Crysis 3 amongst others, 2013 is...

  • 10 Games like Command and Conquer

    10 Games like Command and Conquer

    4 years ago

    If you are looking for a game like command and conquer you have come to the right place. There are plenty of strategy based games to choose from across a wide variety of platforms.Command and conquer is a RTS (Real time...