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iantoPF profile image

Peter Freeman (iantoPF)

Joined 9 years ago from Pen-Bre, Cymru/Wales




Also follow me on:

A bit about me;

I was born and raised in the town of Llanelli on the south coast of Wales. Outside of the UK it seems most people think of the whole island as England, when in fact there are four historic nations that make up the Island; Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and England. In Wales, more so than any of the other Celtic countries, even Ireland. We still speak the ancient language that existed before the Anglo-Saxon invasions of the 5th Century. There are those who say I still cannot speak Englisg.

I went to work for the local bus company, South Wales Transport, in 1971. It was only a stopgap until I could find something better. I’m still looking for something better. I’ve been involved with mass transit ever since. I worked as a bus driver, an assistant transport manager and, for a change of pace, as a tour bus driver based in London. I was living the happy, carefree life of a bachelor and loving it. “Fall into their arms but not into their hands” was my motto. Then an American woman, on vacation, caught my bus. Before I knew it I was married and living in Los Angeles, California. I should mention that my wife is a Native American, Apache nation. We have two boys, half Welsh and half Apache, I joke that they are going to grow up to be drunken fighting fools.

When I came to California I decided to do what I have always done and I joined the bus company. I became a federally certified instructor and yes I teach Americans how to drive a bus. As an instructor I would often point out the importance of what we do. I believe and have always believed that mass transit is essential to modern civilization.

There are a number of highlights to my career; More than I could comfortably fit into this article. The award that I am most proud of came in the year 2000 when the readers of the Downtown News voted me “Best Bus Driver” in Los Angeles. The other highlight was when I was a bus operator out of the company’s West Hollywood Division, a television station back in Wales were doing a program called “The Welsh in Hollywood” We drove a bus around Hollywood and Beverly

Hills with the T.V. crew on board filming and interviewing me. It resulted in a lot of e-mails and calls from friends and family.

In 2009 I received a call from a production company, Human World, based in Santa Monica. They contacted me through the Celtic Arts Center; they were making a promo video for the release of Bungie Corporation’s latest addition to the Halo X-Box 360 game series called “Halo 3 ODST.” I’m not a gamer and had never heard of the game up to that point. They said they wanted a song for the video and they were looking for an “Obscure” language. They felt Welsh would be a good fit and asked if I could write the song. I agreed, we used the tune from a contemporary Welsh song called “Lament” gave it a martial beat, then following the guidelines they gave me I wrote the song. It went viral on You Tube and is still very popular.

I retired in October of 2016 and my wife and I returned to my native Wales. As soon as I settled in to our new home I met up with old friends who asked if I was interested in running for the town council. To my amazement, after being home only 6 months, I was elected to the Town council.

On-line writing is how I fulfill my life time dream of being an author. If you have the same dream join HubPages and start making it a reality.

Though I write about a variety of subjects, my main interests lie in Myths and legends from the past and opinions about the shenanigans of today.

I love the art of driving, Some of my hubs will reflect that.

We're a Pagan family and our lives are truly Goddess blessed.

We're also a very fun loving bunch.

Among other bits of this and that, my You Tube Channel features my telling the old Welsh legends the way they were told to me. With the Welsh Poetry and translations of course.

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    • I'd like feedback on my article: Song for a Pagan Heart

      I'd like feedback on my article: Song for a Pagan Heart

      11 months ago

      Hi Hubbers,I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my article Song for a Pagan Heart. What can I do to improve? Thanks!

    • I'm back, after a long time.

      I'm back, after a long time.

      13 months ago

      y name is Peter Freeman, on here as IantoPF.I first began writing on HubPages many years ago when I lived in California. I always enjoyed my time here but I kinda cooled off as life happened. Now I'm retired, back in my native home, Wales. It seems my first job will be to do a little promotion for...

    • Unashamed boasting about being featured on a Podcast.

      Unashamed boasting about being featured on a Podcast.

      6 years ago

      I have a You Tube channel where I tell some of the old Welsh legends in the way they were told to me. Translated into English but I try to keep the poetry Welsh.One of my stories "The tale of Taliesin the twice born" has been featured on the popular Celtic Myth Podshow.<link...

    • Happy Towel Day

      Happy Towel Day

      6 years ago

      In honor of the Late Douglas Adams all fans of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy wear their towels on May 25th. In the words of Ford Prefect; " A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have."So for all you Hoopys and Froods, Happy Towel Day.

    • Can anyone prove that reincarnation does not occur?

      Can anyone prove that reincarnation does not occur?

      6 years ago

      Can anyone prove that reincarnation does not occur?I notice that many questions ask for proof of religious and philosophical concepts. This question is all about the idea that our bodies are no more than clothes. To be changed when the time is right. When we die do we return to life? Can anyone...

    • Is Polygamy a valid marriage?

      Is Polygamy a valid marriage?

      6 years ago

      Is Polygamy a valid marriage?The Biblical fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were polygamous. every culture has had it's polygamous past and Islam today permits more than one wife. So the question is; Even though it may be frowned upon, is it still a valid marriage?

    • What does it mean to

      What does it mean to "Believe in" something?

      6 years ago

      What does it mean to "Believe in" something?I keep hearing and reading people say "I believe in" followed by Gods, Devils, Supernatural forces and even scientific debates, (Creation, Evolution, etc.) I know what "Believe" means and I know what "in" is. The...

    • How is marriage defined?.

      How is marriage defined?.

      5 years ago

      How is marriage defined?.Which is the better definition of Marriage;"Marriage is a commitment between one man and one woman." or,"Marriage is a commitment between consenting adults"The first definition is easily understood, the second could be same-sex, polygamy, polyandry or a...

    • Should Wales be an independent country?

      Should Wales be an independent country?

      6 years ago

      Should Wales be an independent country?wales is a nation to the West of England and, like England, is a part of the United Kingdom. Wales has it's own ancient language and culture. There is a tendency towards independence within Wales. Anything CAN happen, the question is; SHOULD it happen?

    • Should the Song of Solomon be considered Sacred text?

      Should the Song of Solomon be considered Sacred text?

      6 years ago

      Should the Song of Solomon be considered Sacred text?Basically what I am asking is; does the Song of Solomon describe love for God or is it carnal love of a man and woman? I think it can be agreed that it is beautiful poetry, but is it Sacred poetry?

    • Is it possible to make a rational case for Socialism in the light of so many  fa

      Is it possible to make a rational case for Socialism in the light of so many fa

      6 years ago

      Is it possible to make a rational case for Socialism in the light of so many  failures?

    • The case for Socialism

      The case for Socialism

      6 years ago

      Recently there have been some long-tailed debates held in the comments section of certain Hubs. Particularly in the Hubs written by James Watkins and John Holden. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a reasonable debate here. Not that I'm hopeful but it's worth a try:Socialists hold that...

    • Holiday Greetings

      Holiday Greetings

      6 years ago

      The Blessings of Alban Arthfan, A Joyous Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza. For everyone else, Have a Nice Day.

    • I'm stuck for images.

      I'm stuck for images.

      7 years ago

      Does anyone know where I can get myth and fantasy images. My main project right now is telling the old Welsh legends on You Tube but I'm stuck for good images to add to the dialogue. I have a lot of tales still to tell and two of the current tales that I have up are only half told. the thing that...

    • Broken Links

      Broken Links

      7 years ago

      I noticed one of my Hubs had that Black triangle associated with it on my statistics page. Apparently it means "Broken Links" but I've looked through the Hub and I can't find any such broken link. The You Tube videos are fine and I have permission to use them. So I'm totally lost here....

    • Say Merry Christmas in your, or someone elses language

      Say Merry Christmas in your, or someone elses language

      7 years ago

      Nadolig Llawen i bawb;Merry Christmas to all.

    • Was Moses a myth?

      Was Moses a myth?

      7 years ago

      I enjoy researching subjects and I tend to read a lot of stuff that some might find boring, but I can't find independent evidence of the existence of Moses outside of a few chapters in the Bible and the tradition of his existence.Egyptian history has no reference to the seven plagues including the...

    • The Cult of Ahmadiyya

      The Cult of Ahmadiyya

      7 years ago

      If anyone is interested and wants to know just what it is paarsurrey is babbling on about, I wrote a Hub on the cult of Ahmadiyya. Thank you;I am a tree hugging, beer drinking Welshman.

    • Riot in L.A.

      Riot in L.A.

      7 years ago

      The original post by Flightkeeper seems to have got hijacked so I'll start a new thread.It began on Tuesday with the fatal shooting by police of Manuel Jimenez, a Guatemalan immigrant. All the details are on Flightkeepers post I just want to update.Tuesday night's demonstartion became violent. The...

    • Death of a writer

      Death of a writer

      7 years ago

      My reason for putting this here is because he was an author of merit whose books were read and studied by people all over the world. Also because I personally feel his passing.August 12th at 8am Eastern Time, Isaac Bonewits left this life after a battle with cancer and surrounded by family and...

    • Spammers in the Comments

      Spammers in the Comments

      7 years ago

      Something I have recently noticed is that my comments are being spammed by people who make a polite, one sentence comment but their name links to a website all about trying to sell me something. I've been getting quite a lot of it recently and I was wondering how many others are experiencing this.

    • My first year

      My first year

      8 years ago

      Hubpages just informed me that I have been here a whole twelve months. It doesn't seem that long. I joined through some ones link and I really don't know who. I didn't write with the intention of making a lot of money and to that end I have been extremely successful, writing about what I enjoy...

    • Can't fix it

      Can't fix it

      8 years ago

      Ever since I wrote this Hub, and it's been a while, I've been trying to fix an annoying detail. It's my Hub about Robin Hood;<snipped link>Most of the last capsule is in a much smaller font than the rest of the Hub and it's in a much smaller font than the first paragraph in the...

    • The Naked Commuters

      The Naked Commuters

      8 years ago

      I work in public transport and originally from the UK so this article naturally caught my eye and my interest. But mostly my eye. … mpany.html

    • Why do Christians avoid the hard questions?

      Why do Christians avoid the hard questions?

      7 years ago

      I'm not a big fan of getting into controversial discussions in the forums. I prefer to read than write here, but this has been bothering me for a long time. There are some deep questions that I want to ask. When I talk to Jewish Rabbis or thinkers they would engage me forever, keep the coffee...

    • The Bible is Infallible

      The Bible is Infallible

      7 years ago

      I read a lot on these forums about the Word of God and how so many things are sinful in his eyes. I am sure there are devout Christians here who can help me with my confusion. here's a little letter to you all.Dear Christian: Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have...

    • The Hubpages Commons

      The Hubpages Commons

      8 years ago

      I'm currently working on a series of book reviews, churning out Hubs as best as my day job allows. While sitting at my computer and watching the clock for the time I have to leave to go to work, the phrase "Work gets in the way of life" popped into my head. I hereby release that phrase...

    • 10,000 views, 100 followers and bugger all in the Bank

      10,000 views, 100 followers and bugger all in the Bank

      8 years ago

      That might seem like a gripe, but it's not, in fact it's almost a boast. I'm in the very fortunate position, especially these days, that I don't need to write to keep the lights on so I'm free to write about the things I enjoy and the things that interest me. I don't have to worry about key-words...

    • Are they really that gullible?

      Are they really that gullible?

      8 years ago

      I recently wrote a Hub called "The Greatest money making opportunity Ever" it's a spoof. I was poking fun at online and offline scammers with their get rich schemes. What was a lot of fun too was the Hubbers who left comments and the good-natured banter that went on. All that was cool but...

    • Why do Christians fight each other?

      Why do Christians fight each other?

      8 years ago

      Let me make it clear that I'm not a Christian so I'm looking at this from the outside, hence my curiosity.In 2002 I was in Salt lake City for the winter Olympics. I saw over a 100 people outside the LDS Conference Hall protesting against the Mormons. They carried posters saying that Joseph Smith...

    • What does

      What does "Believe in" mean?

      8 years ago

      I keep hearing and reading this phrase and I must confess it doesn't make sense to me. I know what "Believe" means and I know what "in" means. It's when the two words are put together I don't understand.Phrases like "Do you believe in God?" or; "I believe in...

    • Broken Links

      Broken Links

      8 years ago

      I recently published a hub about Quenya, the Elvish language invented by J R R Tolkien. I wrote it on Word then cut and pasted to my Hub. The article referred to Tolkien's mastery of languages and I listed the languages he was fluent in as well as the languages he gave courses in. However when I...

    • Should I register my articles with the Search Engines

      Should I register my articles with the Search Engines

      8 years ago

      I'm still new to thi writing on-line gig. I've heard conflicting views on this so I'd appreciate the thoughts and wisdom of Hubbers.Should I immediately register new articles with the search engines?Looking forward to your views.