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I love this site! A place that I can share thoughts, ideas and opinions with virtually complete anonymity and receive honest, objective answers for the same reason. I may debate issues, beliefs and opinions, but I will not try to tell you how to think or that your beliefs are wrong or not respected. I like sports, politics, social and spiritual issues and humor. I don't like cartoons, soap operas and scrapbooking. On the serious side, I am a recovering alcoholic and am more than willing to honestly share my experience in both using and recovery. I may not be able to give you solutions but I can make you think and find solutions of your own. Many of the things I write about are based on what I have learned through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It works for me. However, I respect anything one does to stay sober. This isn't a "my way" issue. I address much of this in a practical and spiritual way. If anyone is offended by some of my writings, there are plenty of other people to follow. Reaching out is what is important.

Although a majority of my hubs will pertain to recovery, I also will write about anything that's on my mind. I love my ideas and beliefs to be respectfully challenged. I try to keep an opened mind. I look at this as a place to learn, but also a place to have a little fun.

I'm looking forward to interacting with all of you.

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