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I am an autodidactic person and I happened to gather a lot of knowledge about different but usually relevant things, and decided to share these experiences with others, hoping that it will save them time or money, or open new doors to interesting topics.

My experiences relate to painting, music, archeology, photography, 3d modeling and animation, astronomy, video game development, comic books and BD creation, lots of 2d/3d software knowledge and mostly practical things like cooking.

I will try to add many more articles, please contact me if you need any specific information in these topics that I might be able to add.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  • Darkroom in a closet

    Darkroom in a closet

    8 years ago

    If you ever wished to have your own darkroom at home, this article tells you all you will need to know to get started. Plus, it is optimized with tips for building your darkroom in small spaces like your food storage or...

  • How to open an upright piano

    How to open an upright piano

    20 months ago

    This article will show you how to open an upright/studio/vertical piano, to give access to the hammer action mechanism, keys and the strings for examining/repair/maintanence purposes.

  • How to Repair Broken Piano Keys

    How to Repair Broken Piano Keys

    8 months ago

    If you are looking for a piano but don't want to spend much money, find a used piano and do any needed repairs yourself. Not only you will get to know your instrument, but you will save money as well.