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Ilan XD profile image

Raziel Reaper (Ilan XD)

Joined 4 years ago from Israel. Last activity 38 hours ago.




Also follow me on:

I am a weird fella with love for anime, video games, fantasy novels, comics, and other geeky things. Feel free to ask me which anime would you like me to review! ^_^

I also write game reviews:

Next reviews: Now do note that this might change depending on my mood

Nekomonogatari Black (Shaft, 4 episodes)
Re:Zero (White Fox, 25 episodes + OVA)
Persona 4: The Animation (AIC, 25 episodes + OVA)
Devilman Crybaby

About me, I guess:

My taste in anime is not particularly limited or focused; I enjoy heavy action, character drama, bizarre comedy, suspence and horror, slilce-of-life, mecha and even magical girl shows from time to time. My final verdict often relies on the narrative and my own personal satisfaction from the show/movie/OVA.

I do not give scores, as I believe people put way too much focus on a number, and scores are often just cold calculations that sometimes fail to show your true thoughts about a work.*

Apart from anime, I also game a lot, with a similar wide range of genres and styles. My favorite games are Red Dead Redemption, Undertale, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Persona 5, Pokemon Yellow and more.

Anime reviewed:

Attack on Titan (Production I.G/Wit studio, 25 episodes + 3 OVAs, 2013)
Attack on Titan S2
(Wit studio, 12 episodes, 2017)

Bakemonogatari (Shaft, 15 episodes, 2009-10)
Bungo Stray Dogs (Bones, 24 episodes, 2016)

Darling in the Franxx (Trigger/A-1 Pictures/CloverWorks, 24 episodes, 2018)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Wit studio, 12 episodes, 2016)
(DEEN, 10 episodes + OVA, 2016)
KonoSuba S2 (DEEN, 10 episodes + OVA, 2017)

Land of the Lustrous (Orange, 12 episodes, 2017)

Made in Abyss (Kinema Citrus, 13 episodes, 2017)
My Hero Academia
(Bones, 13 episodes + OVA, 2016)
My Hero Academia S2 (Bones, 25 episodes + OVA, 2017)

Nisemonogatari (Shaft, 11 episodes, 2012)

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  • Entertainment and Media (13)
  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Nisemonogatari'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Nisemonogatari'

    8 days ago

    Nisemonogatari gathers the lovable characters, witty script and vibrant visuals Bakemonogatari was known for, alongside several new and welcome additions, but it's undeniable that this season is not quite as brilliant as its predecessor was.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Bakemonogatari'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Bakemonogatari'

    2 weeks ago

    It may not be the most straight-forward series, but Bakemonogatari excels at unique, colorful visuals and compelling characters, alongside one of the best scripts executed in the medium that cements it as a high-caliber work.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Darling in the Franxx'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Darling in the Franxx'

    4 weeks ago

    Darling in the Franxx finds charm within its relatable main cast, heartfelt relations and vivid action, but its not so subtle metaphors and underwhelming story hold it back from reaching its desirable heights.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'KonoSuba S2'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'KonoSuba S2'

    6 weeks ago

    With its second season, KonoSuba doesn't shake up its formula much, but thanks to more consistent comedic moments and the usual chemistry of its leads, it provides a hilariously entertaining second round.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'KonoSuba'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'KonoSuba'

    2 months ago

    While it lacks a hefty budget and is disappointingly short, KonoSuba is a gleefully silly yet endearing parody on Isekai anime with its lively characters and hilarious scenarios.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress'

    2 months ago

    Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress starts off promising enough and is aided by top-notch production values, but its characters are hollowed and its plot quickly devolves into a messy, compressed and uninspired story.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Attack on Titan S2'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Attack on Titan S2'

    6 weeks ago

    Though it lacks the bombastic direction of season 1's Tetsuro Araki, the second season of Attack on Titan delivers an enthralling story and a slew of well-written characters in a refreshing sense of pace.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Attack on Titan'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Attack on Titan'

    6 weeks ago

    Not to be undone by its sheer popularity and hype, Attack on Titan is an addicting anime that packs a dark, engrossing story and jaw-dropping action sequences, though it doesn't always keep a consistent level of quality.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Land of the Lustrous'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Land of the Lustrous'

    2 months ago

    Visually groundbreaking and narratively immersive, Land of the Lustrous is a unique and lavish anime with a charming lead and masterful storytelling that raises the bar significantly for CGI animation.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Bungo Stray Dogs'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Bungo Stray Dogs'

    2 months ago

    Its questionable direction and sudden tone swings can be jarring and frustrating, but Bungo Stray Dogs is a rough diamond that benefits from colorful characters and a very high entertainment value.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'Made in Abyss'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'Made in Abyss'

    2 months ago

    Beneath its innocent appearance, Made in Abyss hides a progressively bittersweet story, tangled in a rich and unforgivable setting, and powered by beautiful music and visuals.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'My Hero Academia S2'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'My Hero Academia S2'

    3 months ago

    Intriguing themes, rich characterization and high production values help make My Hero Academia S2 into one of the most effective and well-executed shounen series in a while.

  • Reaper's Reviews: 'My Hero Academia'

    Reaper's Reviews: 'My Hero Academia'

    3 months ago

    Though it is merely a prelude to a much larger story, My Hero Academia's first season makes for a solid debut, with relatable leads, frenetic action, and a big heart.