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  • Equity Linked Savings Schemes

    Equity Linked Savings Schemes

    8 months ago

    Investment in Equity Linked Savings Scheme in India are depend upon stock market risks. But long term investments in Equity products are advisable. ELSS have 3 years as locking period. But keeping more than 5 years will create a better result.

  • Direct and Regular Mutual fund Plans

    Direct and Regular Mutual fund Plans

    8 months ago

    In India, Direct Plan of mutual funds had started from 1st January 2013. Through this plan, investors who directly Invest in mutual fund companies should be avoided from the expense like commission to brokerages. These brokerage firms performs an...

  • JM Core11 Fund

    JM Core11 Fund

    8 months ago

    I like this fund because of its simplicity, it comprises only 11 stocks, 90 % stocks invest in Large cap stocks and it manages only a small fund. Investors can chose this fund after analysing the profit and loss possibility of stock market

  • The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

    The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

    8 months ago

    The Bharat Interface for Money is an application in Google Play developed by Government of India for cashless payment

  • Top Exchange Traded Funds in India

    Top Exchange Traded Funds in India

    8 months ago

    CPSE ETF is the short form of Central Public Sector Enterprises Exchange Traded funds. The CPSE basket consists of shares of following ten big public sector units PSUs) in India.

  • Harvesting of Rain Water

    Harvesting of Rain Water

    8 months ago

    Rain is a blessing. Rain is natures' showering of pure water. Man should be helpful to gather some of this water through natural resources and through artificial method. Unless the end of the green planet is not far behind.

  • Sanskrit Language

    Sanskrit Language

    8 months ago

    There is a tendency to minimize Sanskrit as a Dead Language. The reason is its least popularity as a spoken language. The beginning of classical literature of the world was from Sanskrit.

  • Time:    A Mystery

    Time: A Mystery

    8 months ago

    Time is the most important invention of human beings, which helped him to grow as the dominant creature on earth. Time is the invention which is beyond the biological clock exists in every creature.

  • A Capital Protection Portfolio

    A Capital Protection Portfolio

    8 months ago

    Investment in stock exchange does not means the investment only in equity stocks. There are investment option such as liquids, bonds and commodities. I am introducing here a model portolio for you

  • The Saga of a Mutualfund

    The Saga of a Mutualfund

    8 months ago

    Reliance Growth is a diversified equity mutualfund which gave 50 times return within the period of 10 years. Equity funds may under gone to the volatility of stock market than any other investments..

  • Investment Method in a Volatile Market

    Investment Method in a Volatile Market

    8 months ago

    If an investor is visionary, the Volatility of market is useful than its stability. What are the uses of a blue chip ETF in such a scenario. Read it below....

  • Exchange Traded Funds

    Exchange Traded Funds

    8 months ago

    Exchange Traded Fund has the dual nature of a stock and mutual fund. To invest in it is more safe and secure and volatility is less than a stock. Its liquidity is higher than a mutual fund.

  • Mutual Fund  :: Facts and Falses

    Mutual Fund :: Facts and Falses

    8 months ago

    Mutual Funds have a great future because it managed by professionals. By investing in a Mutual Fund, we get a great relief as it is in the hand of an expert who dedicates himself in the field.


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