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My name is Kelly Nolan. My nickname is infonolan. My hubs are primarily based on my life and I have many different topics. One major area is Coeliac Disease and my concerns about how the 'gluten free' diet is becoming such an underestimated issue. I plan to write further interesting entries throughout my life, particularly about businesses exercising false gluten free advertising! You can find me (infonolan) on facebook and twitter. I live in Australia and like to keep up-to-date with all the latest-type news in our society today.


As a fellow Coeliac sufferer, I feel compelled to help others where I can. I have had many experiences, good and bad. Each hub posted about businesses misusing the gluten free term is legitimate. Opinions are not submitted unless they are substantiated. I do my very best in this regard to warn my fellow Coeliacs about particular issues, especially with foodservice outlets.

Please comment on my hubs, it means more to me than you would think to get positive responses from vistors ;)

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    • How 'dairy-free' are people these days?

      How 'dairy-free' are people these days?

      5 years ago

      I recently designed a hub about gluten free and devised a poll for individuals on 'how gluten-free they are'. Perhaps you may like to do something similar with dairy-free, especially as many people seem to have...