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My name is Ateviel and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am interested in understanding this world, myself and this Universe. I ask questions ever since I can remember. In time, I came to the conclusion that if you persist on a question, the answers gradually unfold. Spontanously or as a result of growing knowledge that forms connections and builds interconnected structures of details that reveal a bigger picture.

Knowledge and wisdom sometimes are tough to bear, however in realization I find the highest meaning to this life. Inspiration is a great high and the more I understand, the more I feel like I don't know a thing. What a controversy, huh?! :) It is the ego-deflation effect. Of course, a deflated ego doesn't mean a lack of self-esteem, not at all.

I dream of a better world.. a world of higher awareness, deeper understanding, more responsibility and rationality. A world without greed, inflated economy, extreme poverty, prevailing ignorance. A world without war and aggression, an Age of Reason..

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