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Professor Kosanke has conceived a fully privatized system of justice known as RTR “Restitution Transfer and Recoupment,” has developed a framework for Aquia – a sovereign FreeNation on the high seas, Las Portadas – a method for fully dismantling existing nation states (along with TALP – a transitional body for its implementation), and has designed a Civil Order Pact to remove immunities from political leaders at any level.

In 2010, Kosanke published an iconoclastic textbook, "Instead of Politics (Civilization 101)," which smashes every form of politics, and drives the nails in its coffin. Available at major online book distributors, this book is packed with hundereds of hilarious and thought-provoking cartoons by renowned cartoonist Rex F. May. IOP is bound to get the world scratching its head and wondering aloud how it put up with politicians for so long.

John received his A.A. from Wisconsin Lutheran College, and his B.S.Ed. from Dr. Martin Luther College. He has taught GED classes, administered official GED, ESL and CAT5 examinations, and has developed ESL and Commercial Spanish curricula specific to various industries and organizations. He has an interest in nontraditional education, and would like to burst the education bubble, and bring affordable and sustainable education to the masses.

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