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John F Kosanke (InsteadofPolitics)

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  • Enigma Streamlines Anonymous Whistleblowing

    Enigma Streamlines Anonymous Whistleblowing

    5 years ago

    Investigative journalism is a dying art, especially when it comes to political corruption. Enigma's Secret Stores protocol gives whistleblowers sorely needed anonymity by fully encrypting their identity. Only the facts and evidence are revealed. Bounties are securely paid and cannot be traced.

  • Designer Babies - Family Planning Outside of the Box

    Designer Babies - Family Planning Outside of the Box

    7 years ago

    Don't leave your future child's genetic destiny to chance. Prenatal genetic testing for hundreds of hereditary diseases is available. Embryo adoption lets you choose your baby from existing cells.

  • How to Topple a Tyranny

    How to Topple a Tyranny

    9 years ago

    The Four Precarious Pillars of the State

  • Ron Paul's Tea Party

    Ron Paul's Tea Party

    12 years ago

    In a telling moment, war hawk and neoconservative talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh made the outlandish statement that presidential candidate and long time Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has nothing to do with the tea party. The fact that any notable...

  • Test Your Constitution IQ

    Test Your Constitution IQ

    12 years ago

    The highest job of the President of the United States is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So in order to be qualified to vote for such a person, one must know what the job entails - or at least have good reason...

  • 2

    Seven Paths to Liberty

    12 years ago

    Protests are erupting in streets throughout the world. Everyone has been touched by the financial mayhem that has been unleashed on the planet. While most people do not understand why it is happening, it is becoming increasingly clear that politics...

  • The Constitution versus the Dollar/Debt Crisis

    The Constitution versus the Dollar/Debt Crisis

    12 years ago

    The extent to which the federally licensed media and tax-funded school system has come to control the minds of the public is staggering. The term "government" has become synonymous with politics - even in libertarian circles. The majority of the...

  • What is Caesar's?

    What is Caesar's?

    12 years ago

    If one were to give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, then Caesar would starve. For nothing that Caesar has confiscated truly belongs to Caesar. It belongs to the one who has earned it. A thief does not rightfully own that which he has taken by force....


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