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With Insurance Website Builder's every growing marketing ecosystem your agency will be on the cutting edge of today's latest trends. Included with every Insurance Website Builder marketing solution is a complete set of tools that will help grow your agency. These tools include things such as this Facebook Web Application. This fully featured web application will allow you to communicate directly with your customers with tools they are looking for and the interface they know.

No longer will you have to maintain two separate sites. When you make a change to your main site, this Facebook web application automatically updates with the latest changes. In addition to Facebook the Insurance Website Builder system will automatically tweet for you on twitter and keep your business partners up to date on LinkedIn.

So whether your customers are on the web, on the go using a mobile device or socializing with your social media properties, IWB has you covered.

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  • The Responsibilities of the Insured and Insurer

    The Responsibilities of the Insured and Insurer

    5 years ago

    Insurance policies are looked at as one-sided contracts because the only person making a legally binding promise is the insurer. However, that doesn’t mean the insured can live life as though they have no duties when...