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I am a New Zealander, wildly passionate about cooking, Bromeliads, art, photography, growing herbs, gardening organically and keeping chickens.

Our chickens are a never ending source of entertainment ..... they have trained us well to run to their every whim. Maybe I will do a hub about them sometime ........... they also use Bromeliads as their personalised drinking cups !

I love music, painting, reading, crafts, surfing the net and wild zany humor. I like natural healing and using my herbs and plants in cooking and making natural remedies.

You can find lots more of my recipes here at :

http://quickhealthyrecipesforyou.blogspot.co.nz/?m=1 and my photos here:


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  • How to Grow Bromeliads

    How to Grow Bromeliads

    9 months ago

    Growing Bromeliads, protecting Bromeliads from weather, moving them, enjoying and looking at the sheer beauty and pleasure of growing them and the bonus is they are dead easy to care for.