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I am Ian R Clayton, CEO of AXSES, Tourism Development & Consulting. Author of "How to Build your Busines Online" http://howtobuildyourbusinessonlinebook.com | Publisher of http://TravelInsights.com | Launching the Book: Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online http://launch.marketinghotelstourismonline.com

| Now writing whimsical Travel Stories (publishing soon)

I respect the people in travel, they are caring hosts who reach out to strangers and make them feel at home.

Responsible travel builds bridges. It connects people and cultures. It opens minds and distributes wealth. It touches hearts and changes lives. Travel to understand the world from a new prespective and you will be enriched. There is much to learn!

At AXSES we like to help hotels, tourism activities and destinations build strong and sustainable brands and direct business. We like to help them excell in what they do best. I fear that segments of the industry are dangerously close to becoming a commodity. Many suppliers have abdicated control to middlemen who wield great clout but undermine the brands integrity.

Our services build direct business in balance with distribution. We do travel marketing, consulting, publishing and we build e-commerce, mobile, social media & marketing applications for hotels, tourism !activities, car rentals, tourism associations and destinations.

I am an unabashed advocate of technology and link to AXSES research and resources when it is relevant. We are happy to share insights and knowhow’s on our blogs, videos, pages and white papers with all tourism partners and interested parties. This has got me into hot water with Hubpage editors a couple of times. I am still figuring out the balance!

I have to add that the Hubpages team are just fantastic in working nebie who take a bit of time getting used to rules abot duplicate content etc.

Publisher of MarketWatch newsletter since 1997, now http://TravelwatchNews.com And http://MarketingHotelsandTourism.com News Site


Dedicated to helping hotels & Tourism professionals - free Video Tutorials at:


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