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I'm a mere teenager hailing all the way from the ever-so industrious city of Pasig from the Peart of the Orient itself, the Philippines. I have always enjoyed writing, stemming back from all the way when the moment I learned how to write, that was almost all I did for the rest of that same day. Now that I am here on HubPages, I could get to do what I have loved doing for 17 years and get the chance to be paid doing so. And what's my driving force? To be able to help my family pay the bills and get myself enrolled into a good college with the small bits of money I earn.

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  • Gaming Rant: Lag

    Gaming Rant: Lag

    4 months ago

    Angry Video Game Nerd's long lost son has dished out the first piece to his series of gaming rants. And what better way to start off than to tackle about one of gaming's biggest troubles?