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Hello! My name is Irwan Sukmawan, I have graduated from college majoring in English Language & Literature.

I am just an ordinary person with great dreams in this life.

I am a freelance writer, with some skills of webmaster and an English translator as well in my country.

I have some fine art talent in myself supported by that I have studied fine arts disciplines in a few years ago, so that I was able to create some works of art, works of graphic design, or whatever it may be associated with works of art, especially in terms of fine art. In the future, I believe this fine art skill will be very helpful to me, in terms of technical matters of website creation that I was learning and try to understand furthermore at this moment. Thus I will be able to create a great site with beautiful design. I hope so. We must be optimistic, right! :)

I am someone who always wants to do everything with the best effort what I can do and the best result what I can get?! In other words, I am a perfectionist in characteristics and an optimistic person. It would be better to be optimistic than pessimistic right?! Once again, we must become an optimistic person! Convince in yourself! :)

I come from Indonesia, precisely from Bandung a Beautiful City with a variety of cultures and tourist attractions. In my country, Bandung well known as "Paris Van Java" or Paris of Java, also known as the Flower City.

If you have time you might be interested to visit my town. Our citizens, Sundanese people are known to be friendly and welcoming. Honestly! :)

"See You!"


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