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    Border Collie Puppy - First Night Home

    8 years ago

    Some hits and tips about that first night home with your new border collie puppy.

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    How to Decorate Child-Friendly Plastic Eggs for Your Easter Tree

    2 years ago

    Plastic eggs are available to buy if you want to make a child-friendly Easter tree this year. Small children love crafts, but painting fragile egg shells may be too difficult for them. Choose plastic instead. Learn how to coat plastic cheaply and easily so that they can be painted with watercolors.

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    How to Make a Hobbit Costume

    9 years ago

    Everyone wants to wear a hobbit costume this year, but why not be unique and make a hobbit costume instead of buying one from the shops? If you are wondering how, simply read on. They are very easy to make and will make you look like an authentic hobbit.

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    Is Hair Glue Dangerous to Our Health?

    4 years ago

    As yet another woman dies from an allergic reaction as a result of using hair bonding glue, we need to discuss the very real risks women (especially) are taking when they wear hair extensions, weaves and hair-pieces bonded in place with latex-based adhesives which are, frankly, dangerous to our...

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    How to Grow Catha Edulis—Khat, Qat, Gat or Miraa

    6 months ago

    Learn how to grow catha edulis, also known as khat, gat, qat, or miraa. When chewed, its leaves and stems give a feeling of well-being.

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    Where to Buy High Heeled Shoes for Men

    9 years ago

    If you are a man looking for high heeled shoes, which are the height of fashion for men, you may still have difficulty finding a decent supplier that sells high heeled shoes for men. This article collates together several sites, shoe sellers and message board forums that may be of interest to you

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    What Your Hands Can Tell You About Your Health

    9 years ago

    We use our hands all the time, and yet hardly given them a second thought, except to make sure they are clean. Our hands can tell us so much about our health, if only we knew what to look for. From the shape, texture and color of our palms, fingers and nails, and even the length of our fingers, so...

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    Who is Angie Varona?

    9 years ago

    The whole world is talking about Angie Varona, but just who is she? She is the young lass who, at 14, uploaded some mildly flirtatious photos of herself to Photobucket. The account was hacked, and he photos spread like wildfire through the internet.

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    Liver and Bacon Casserole Recipe the Kids Will Love

    23 months ago

    This is a delicious liver and bacon casserole that is simple to make and is a great way to get the kids to eat liver. I usually just buy whichever liver is cheapest (it's usually pork, chicken, or lamb).

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    How to Prevent Bedsores (Pressure Sores)

    3 years ago

    It is really important to know how to prevent pressure sores, should you ever have someone who is bedridden in your home. Learn how to prevent pressure sores from developing.


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