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I don't have a bio and not sure what that even means for this site. What do you really need to know about me? I'm not looking for recognition, I just like sharing and talking about things I find interesting, informative, inspiring, intriquing, and irritating or idiotic (IMHO).

The world is filled with a lot of noise and incessant looping. We're saturated with hyper exploitative "news" and coverage. I post articles/blogs that I know will not appeal to all. That's fine by me. Sharing news, information, public service announcements, triumphs, failures means just liking what YOU like and engaging with other people who share your interests.

If no one reads what I have to say, Im not going to be sad or knocked down. We live in a great time where user generated content helps us stay connected to the things that matter most to us. Whether it's travel, leisures, sports, autos, trucks coffee, happy hours-people are talking and the engagement is real. I want to be a part of sharing your stories and creating my own. Read if you want. Don't read if you don't want.

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