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  • View From a Window of Life

    View From a Window of Life

    11 months ago

    This poem view from a window of life is of what yolu an see looking out a window I hope you like view from a window of life I looked out of my window and what did I see? The sky so blue the sun shinning so bright Clouds in the sky so fluffy...

  • Feeling of Life

    Feeling of Life

    11 months ago

    This is about some of the feelings of life you go through and tring to work out what you are. I feel nothing I am empty I do what I have to I have no enjoyment I have no feeling What am I? I don’t feel hungry I don’t want for...

  • Sorrow to Happiness

    Sorrow to Happiness

    11 months ago

    sorrow to happiness I wrote after my mother died I hope you can see how much she ment to me Death has come Cry weep sob Heart is numb Fall to my knees The pain too much to bear No hunger Loneliness of a black whole No end in sight ...

  • Pain Calls

    Pain Calls

    11 months ago

    pain calls is what life shows us A lamb screams A blood red sun set A mother weeps and gowns A cow moo's A dog howls The Horses run in fear pray pray pray and the moon bows and the night calls the hunter out he comes out to play ...

  • Life's Road

    Life's Road

    11 months ago

    how it feels to travel lifes road Life hurts like a cut Life loves as long as you feed it Life lingers when no choices are made Life begins if you take the right lane Life ends if the road you have is short Life is hard and cold like a...

  • Clones of Life

    Clones of Life

    11 months ago

    This is just a short poem about if every one was the same if we where clones I see clone’s every day They do not see me Clone’s on the bus Clone’s on the train They dress the same Think the same A clone with no name They feel...

  • Knit Your Life

    Knit Your Life

    11 months ago

    I knit and knit Colour after colour Blue yellow red I knit and knit Gray white Black I knit a life The good and bad I knit and knit The pain and joy I knit a life A life of joy I knit I knit Come and enjoy I knit a...

  • Life's Twirls

    Life's Twirls

    11 months ago

    I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote it when i was going through a rough time and felf like i was going down the drain, It rain’s and pains As it reap’s through the drain's It swashes and twirls On it’s way through the curls It hits and...

  • Avalanche of Life

    Avalanche of Life

    11 months ago

    Every one knows what a Avalanche is but this is my way of showing how it is like life Avalanche Avalanche Cold and wet Snow comes down Avalanche Avalanche It is thick It is thin It cracks It falls Avalanche Avalanche Come and...

  • A Winters Touch

    A Winters Touch

    11 months ago

    A winters touch I wrote just for fun I hope you get a laugh out of it Laughing frolicking children's noises Lingering on the wind Icy breezy winding whistling through the trees Ice cracks crunch on the dark water Under winters cold clutch A...

  • A Knife

    A Knife

    11 months ago

    This poem is to show how life is like a knife I have a knife Its blade is a cold as ice Its slices through flesh Like a hot knife through butter It is a ruthless as a thief Like rapids in a river The knife is harsh Like the dessert in...

  • Lindy Life Part 1

    Lindy Life Part 1

    11 months ago

    Lindy was 7yrs old and her brother Sam was 11 yrs old, they had a normal brother and sister fight’s but at the end of the day they got along really well and loved each other very much they hanged out with Sam’s friend and they fished, ride on...

  • The Forests

    The Forests

    11 months ago

    One day I decided to get away from all the stress of running a business from home and also doing the normal thing’s a wife does as well during the day. I was so stressed out that I could take it any more and I could just pull my hair out or even...

  • Village


    11 months ago

    This is just a discriptive emginative look at a village in africa and a people using just your emagination with out ever seeing one I hope you enjoy reading this I was stand in a open plain and when I turn around and I could see a village so I...


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