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  • My Girl Don't Grow Up

    My Girl Don't Grow Up

    8 months ago

    As we grow older, our perspective on something can also change. Influenced by past experience, it doesn't matter if you first thought A and now you think B. That doesn't mean wishy-washy; you only experience development. But now that you've grown up, you know that love isn't just about romance.

  • My Narcissistic Personality

    My Narcissistic Personality

    8 months ago

    The robe of the Goddess, like Dione who must be willing to lose her soul mate, Aphrodite must also be prepared to lose her beauty. I am the most capable usurper, swallowing to the roots of beauty, which makes myself increasingly eternal.

  • I Am the Flower on the Side of the Road

    I Am the Flower on the Side of the Road

    8 months ago

    Flowers, remembering you is the most straightforward job as long as I live. Flowers, as I called you, 30 years ago. Flowers, look beautiful, beautiful, and look so elegant, without having to bring flowers. I like flowers because you are written as a woman.

  • Humble Word for the Insulted

    Humble Word for the Insulted

    8 months ago

    You woke up my dry dreams, buried by violent dogmas wrapped in holy light. Breaking the hypocritical curtain, freeing the devil who welcomed the coming of al-Masih.

  • Star Poetry

    Star Poetry

    8 months ago

    A star runs to keep quiet, between dusk and dawn. The stars dance and stretch across the equator as if to attack with pleasure. I am a despicable night without you, star, you are the decorator of the world when I come, star.

  • Wound Poetry

    Wound Poetry

    8 months ago

    I know, every day, my chance is running low. Getting you back is like building a dream in my illusion while awake. Tears swell my eyes. The wails of my soul have long roared in mute mourning, hope I never materialized.

  • Killing My Time

    Killing My Time

    8 months ago

    Rain falls to help the weak roots. Just observe how the rain seduces him and then quietly absorbs the gaps in every crevice attached to his body, then soaks the dry mass.

  • Poetry for My Woman

    Poetry for My Woman

    8 months ago

    It doesn't feel fair to see you feeling hurt, and I can only calm you down, and when you calm down, you get jealous and smile wryly hearing that you've made up with him.

  • My Old Enigmas

    My Old Enigmas

    8 months ago

    After finding my identity, I made a lot of enigmas. This is a collection of "Enigmas" in my diary entries for friends and lovers.

  • Remember the 6 Attitudes That Beginner Translators Must Understand

    Remember the 6 Attitudes That Beginner Translators Must Understand

    9 months ago

    Being an interpreter and translator also needs another ability, which can adapt. In the following, I describe what attitudes a beginner interpreter should do to avoid being shocked when working with strangers.

  • Women, Be Wild

    Women, Be Wild

    9 months ago

    In every woman, rest assured there is extraordinary power filled with instinct, creativity, passion, and wisdom.


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