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My name is Kandi.

Really, the only thing I look forward to in life is writing and music. Those are the only two things I enjoy in life...well, besides my boyfriend.

Music is like an escape for me when I'm mad, sad, or glad (lol). It is always there for me. I don't listen to any rap, r&b, or hip hop, I am a Heavy Metal fan. \m/ \m/

Music: Children of Bodom, Korn, Disturbed, Seether, Led Zeppelin, Cold, Parkway Drive, Ozzy, LP, MSI, NIN, Fleetwood Mac, Saliva, 3 Door Down, Elysia, Possessed, The Drama Club, AC/DC, Living Sacrifice and others.

(will continue later, I got a Communion to go to. I think that is how you spell it....???)

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  • Music and the Influence on Society

    Music and the Influence on Society

    8 years ago

    The sub-cultures in today’s society are all based on what you watch on T.V., the clique you hang around, how you were raised, and the music you listen to. Everything you do has an effect on your personality; Living in...