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Jack Shorebird

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    The One-Armed Lady

    20 months ago

    This is based on true events as I see them. It's about a family, life, death, and what remains. Shadows in decaying scrapbooks. Postcards through a hundred years. A shoe box of seashells. A one-armed lady who lived on the western shore of the longish lake. Who saw the sunrise and sunset.

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    Unknown Fossil

    2 years ago

    The Fossil Mystery.

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    Different Times (Installment 8)

    18 months ago

    Kojak and Star run into a bit of trouble. Star saves the day but their route is changed. We learn about some new tech Star has and how Kojak has to adjust. A quick run in the badlands, whilst being chased. Will they survive?

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    Different Times (Installment 7)

    2 years ago

    The team is in Great London. Kojak and Star deliver a package. Louis heads for the space tower. We learn more about Kojak and Star...and Louis. The Integration has a home but it's far.

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    Different Times (Installment 6)

    22 months ago

    The team pushes ahead. Great London awaits. Myra reveals the true reason for her appearance. She has an offer. Louis recalls the day when his life changes. We learn how the slummers really survive and the depths they will go to achieve their goals.

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    Different Times (Installment 5)

    16 months ago

    The team leaves New Paris, with Myra in tow. More is learned about the post V-War landscape as Myra's presence is questioned. Louis understands more about himself, but the mystery deepens. Are they in danger or is this the chance they've been looking for?

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    Different Times (Installment 4)

    18 months ago

    Myra finally accepts the truth about her husband. The team works to extract the information without getting killed in the process. Kojak gets a little rough and they all learn something new about the AI's and the lengths the Party will go. There's a little blood. Myra admits that's she's a carrier.

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    Different Times (Installment 3)

    18 months ago

    From intelligent organs to gathering data the old fashioned way, Kojak excels. He isn't always a team player and John and Myra Kremel learn that the hard way. Star does the hacking while Louis attempts to communicate with an impostor. Myra's world changes.

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    Different Times (Installment 2)

    12 months ago

    Louis, Star and Kojak risk their lives to obtain information the Underground needs to fight the newest threat from the Party. Though trained for the operation, things can go wrong quickly, if Louis can't deliver the message. It's a double-edged sword and a game of high-stakes 'human' chess.

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    Different Times (Installment I)

    7 months ago

    In the not too distant future, humanity is on the brink. Artificial Intelligence reaches a tipping point. Smart-contagions and plagues are the weapons of choice. Augmented humans bow to the Party and are 'integrated.' The naturals live a lie. A few choose to resist. They are the Underground.

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    The Notch Between the Hills

    8 months ago

    Halloween Version: Patience is not a virtue. It is a gift from Hell. For fifty years he let the crime go unpunished. It was a mistake for them to come home again and again...

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    Love's Price

    23 months ago

    Sometimes you really have to sacrifice for the ones you love. Even if it costs you an arm and a leg or something else...

  • Some Time Ago...

    Some Time Ago...

    2 years ago


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