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I am an undergraduate chemistry student at The Ohio State University currently in my 4th year of college. When i'm not running around to keep up with school, i work part time as a prep cook at a local Bob Evans. After graduation, i plan on moving back to a small town and living out the rest of my life with the ones i love, including my soon-to-be wife who is pregnant with our first child.

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  • The Child in Me

    The Child in Me

    14 months ago

    Your inner child can be a source of great pleasure, letting him or her shine every once in a while. Your inner child can also hold onto your deepest fears, gnawing at you from the inside.

  • Twenty Seventeen

    Twenty Seventeen

    14 months ago

    The world was confused. A man so belittling, so hated, so.....orange is now in charge of the fate of humanity. We failed and now we will pay the price. God help us.

  • Chemistry in a Nutshell

    Chemistry in a Nutshell

    14 months ago

    Chemistry can be a very difficult subject to grasp, but is essential for understanding how the world around us truly works. To truly understand Chemistry, one must start with the basics.