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My name is Jacob Wittrock. I was raised in central Missouri where I was raised around all kinds of wildlife and nature, much different than my current residency of Phoenix, Arizona.

My goal is to write down-to-earth articles that are useful and understood by all who happen upon them.

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  • Addiction to Self-Harm

    Addiction to Self-Harm

    4 years ago

    Self-harm is a very common addiction in certain circles of todays young-adults. If you or someone you know is struggling with cutting or other forms of self-harm, please read on!

  • Thinking About Adopting a Duckling?

    Thinking About Adopting a Duckling?

    4 years ago

    After my recent shot at raising ducklings, I realized that it isn't quite as easy as one might think is. If you want to adopt a duckling or two read this article; it may change your mind!

  • Sulcata Tortoise Basics

    Sulcata Tortoise Basics

    4 years ago

    With my recent acquiring of a Sulcata Tortoise and the difficulty I have had finding useful information on my new Herptile friend, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my findings.

  • How to Care For a Leopard Gecko

    How to Care For a Leopard Gecko

    4 years ago

    Thinking about adopting a new friend? Interested in a reptile that is very easy to care for and handle? Then the Leopard Gecko is probably just what you are looking for!