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My name is Stephanie and i'm a mother of two wonderful, button-pushing, funny, lovely and emotional roller coaster riding children. Yes that was a mouthful. I am an avid learner of everything that sparks my interest and I enjoy putting what I learn to use. My joys...I absolutely LOVE being a mom, ok most of the time when i'm not trying to pull my hair out. Reading, writing, baking, crafts, and CHOCOLATE. Pet Peeves: People who are constantly late, and people who don't keep their word.

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  • Melting and Molding Chocolate: A Beginners Guide

    Melting and Molding Chocolate: A Beginners Guide

    5 years ago

    Learn the basics of melting and molding chocolate with this brief tutorial. If you're more of a visual learner or would just like to see it done watch the video below.

  • What's Pinning?! Unearth those lost and forgotten pins.....

    What's Pinning?! Unearth those lost and forgotten pins.....

    5 years ago

    A place where ideas and experiences are valued, all you need is a love for everything crafts, baking and Pinterest.

  • Upon Waking 2

    Upon Waking 2

    8 years ago

      She awoke the same way she had the day  before. It still shocked her to see herself lying there, motionless hooked up to those machines. She felt sad and alone. Not wanting to stay in the stifiling room any longer...

  • upon waking

    upon waking

    8 years ago

     This is a little something I'm working on feel free to leave constructive criticism (I stress the constructive part) Let me know what you think. Her head felt like a marching band was making its way through her...

  • Poetry as passion 3

    Poetry as passion 3

    8 years ago

    My Prayer Lord hear my prayer, for I have sinned but what road ends before it begins I'm told to have faith and I shall succeed, my faith never forgotten but still my heart bleeds. I recieved no response when...

  • Poetry as passion 2

    Poetry as passion 2

    8 years ago

    Goodnight   Bulldoze the bed where we made love, bulldoze the whole room. Shattered pieces of glass are reflections of my hearts pain. Forget about the clock on the wall that once told us time was on our side....

  • Poetry as a passion

    Poetry as a passion

    8 years ago

    I love to read but writing is my passion. It's the creation of something beautiful and powerful from simple words. I wrote some of these under my maiden name so the copyright will be Stephanie Diaz/Domena. I welcome...

  • Helping the Veterans?

    Helping the Veterans?

    5 years ago

    So many have applied for the new post 9/11 GI Bill with high hopes but something has gone terribly wrong. No communication, and not enough workers to handle all the claims. The VA is supposed to help the veterans during...