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    The Danger of becoming Lukewarm Christians: How to fix and/or avoid!

    9 years ago

    Lukewarm Christians are in more danger than a cold christian. Because the Lukewarm Christians are just warm enough to be in need of nothing. As Christians, we are in need daily. Examine yourself under God's Word (mirror) to see if you have become a lukewarm christian. Any degree of cooling from...

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    Care Plan: Nursing Interventions for Acute Pain, NANDA

    7 years ago

    List of Nursing Interventions for Acute Pain that will be helpful with care-planning a patients needs. Acute pain is important to control because sometimes the patients experiencing the acute pain may not be able to cope on their own and will need the help of nursing staff to do it. Feel free to...

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    Different Heart Rhythms

    10 years ago

    There are many different heart rhythms, the normal one is the normal sinus rhythm. There are a few other abnormal heart rhythms that I will go over as well. If you have questions about heart rhythms let me know below.

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    How the Heart works: Step by Step Functions with diagrams.

    10 years ago

    There are a lot of different factors that determine how the heart works. An in depth look at the different elements that determine exactly how the heart works, both mechanical and electrical properties. Learning how the heart works does not have to be boring.

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    Anatomy of the Heart: Blood flow through the Heart and the Heart Valves involved.

    10 years ago

    The anatomy of the heart consists of the vena cava, right atrium, right ventricle, left and right pulmonary arteries, left and right pulmonary veins, left atrium, left ventricle, and aorta. Take an in-depth look at the anatomy of the heart through video, pictures, and explanation. If you questions...

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    Vastus Lateralis Injection

    12 years ago

    When giving any type of injection the first thing you want to do is explain to the person or parent/guardian, exactly what you are about to do.  If you are giving the injection to yourself then pay close attention.  When giving a vastus lateralis...

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    Types of Management Styles

    11 years ago

    Types of Management Styles, how they work and when to use the different types of management styles.

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    Physiology of Pain

    3 years ago

    The Physiology of pain is a complex reaction in the body that takes place in seconds. Learn about the physiology of pain and the chemicals, drugs, and systems of the body that are involved in such a complex process and ways the body tries to relieve this pain as soon as it starts.

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    History of Psychiatry; Psychiatric Nursing

    12 years ago

    This is a history of history of psychiatric mental health, from the perspective of the United States.

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    Stages of Labor

    10 years ago

    A detailed look at the stages of labor and what to expect during each of the stages of labor. There are four stages of labor. Also there are 3 phases within the first stage of labor that are also very important.

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    Deltoid Intramuscular Injection

    9 years ago

    Deltoid intramuscular injection is given into a central location on a relatively small muscle mass location that looks like a flipped tear drop. In this article we show you how to properly give a deltoid intramuscular injection.

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    The Ventrogluteal Injection Site

    5 weeks ago

    The ventrogluteal injection site is the preferred injection site for adults and children over seven months.

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    Best Paintball Gun

    3 years ago

    The best paintball gun can be hard to find that is why here at Ledger U. we have dedicated this page to the best paintball gun. This page is unbiased and based on facts, such as affordability, design, and durability.


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