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Hi there! Welcome to my profile. You can call me Jagsrule, or Virginia if you want to get personal.

I'm just another fledgling writer who loves to share her opinions with the internet world. Hopefully you'll all be a liiiittle more patient with me? (would it help if I told you I'm only seventeen? *puppy dog eyes*)

I've written a bunch of reviews in my free time, I'm starting to think I've gotten pretty good at it, so hopefully I can help you with any media-related decisions. I'll also take recommendations on what to review, although I doubt I'll get many readers in the first place! Either way, don't be afraid to ask.

Sadly, being seventeen, it's impossible for me to sign up for ads and make cash. (you have to be eighteen or older) so for now I'll just enjoy the ride and maybe later on I'll work on the "earning money" part.

I have a fanfiction account, here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2874819/Jagsrule5#

I'm not as active in fanfiction as I used to be, but I'm still going strong! If you have the time, I'd love it if you'd check out some of my works!

I'm new to Hubpages, but I'm eager to get started. ^^

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