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I moved to Pennsylvania to be with my fiance, Wade. It is nice to be back in the North, and also nice to be nestled in the Poconos. I look forward to a great future with Wade...a home of our own, all of that!

I write about many things- I have many interests, and love to share what I have learned in life. It is my fervent hope that people will be helped because I have shared. If only one person has benefited from my writing, all the hard work will be worth it.

I thank everyoone who reads my writing. It means so much to me!

Please pray that I finish college...it is all a bit snarled up, and I need prayers. I am only four classes from my BA.

God Bless You...and Thank You for your support! As always, stay tuned for future writings from me...Jai (pronounced "Jie"- rhymes with "try".) (My name comes from my spirit guide, and is pronounced jie-ann-nie'-ah.)

Many Blessings!.

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