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Thanks for visiting.

Happily married with 3 beautiful daughters.

Entrepreneur of a number of projects. I like to be busy.

Latest job: removed and replaced a carport roof. removed fiberglass, installed metal.

Real Estate investor - I purchase renovate and sell for profit along with keeping a few quality rentals

Contractor - I can build just about anything. Usually, I will take on a deck or refinishing a basement. I have been painting for over 18 years

Sales - I sell all sorts of products

Service - I offer my skills out to most people for a fee. Financial investing is my joy. I just love to watch money grow in my investments. I look at all of them every day.

Online web hosting, domains, Sales, and more are a few things that I do online

Singer - I have been singing for many years now and as of late, I have decided to begin recording some of my favorites.

I have a number of very important hubs.

My wife, and three children are the greatest joy I have in life right after the Lord. Yes I believe in God. I am a stickler for facts. I was introduced to Him by a friend and never thought that I would ever believe in this sillyness. But, I decided to take it on like every other thing that I do. I found the facts. Most of the facts that I had to research came NOT from the Bible but from other sources. For over two years I researched the facts. Well, I cannot deny the facts. So I must believe the truth that I found. Even scientists of astronomy have been questioning how everything can be so finely tuned.

Sorry, enough of that. Figure it out on your own. I had to. But by all means, you are welcome to ask me questions... seek and ye be found...

Family, friends, love, joy, peace, and fulfillment. That is what I wish for you.


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