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I'm James, (Jamie for short) I'm married with 2 beautiful children, living in the UK, Buxton in Derbyshire which is a beautiful spa town. We live semi rural in an old converted barn, albeit modernised and immaculately decorated (to my wife Rach's spec, with lots of techno input from me) with dogs, a cat and now chickens !

I have been a househusband for 2 yrs now and I really enjoy it! I love cooking, all cuisines and eating out. I spend my time looking after the home, Rach, the children, walking/biking with the dogs and kids. I'm finding I'm a man predominantly in a women's world - I say that in praise, not as a derogatory comment, I know the trials of laundry sorting with Rach's stockings, hold-ups and opaque tights of different colours, silk blouses and other delicate items she wears at work every day, as a style leader for her professional image, which I have to take care of as part of my job, which I take great pride in.

I'm interested in cars, formula 1 racing, horse racing and enjoy travel and reading. I also hold a PPL and recently sold my little sports plane, hoping to replace it with something else soon, although I do have quite a few 'boys toys' , such as radio controlled helicopters and planes as well as a flight simulator. I have a collectors old MG car (in bits) in the loft, Rach knows about but has never seen (she's never been up there, thank goodness!) and one day I'll get round to putting it together, or so I like to think...

My most recent aim has been to get fit, spurred on by Rach, as she says I have put on weight since being.at home full-time (she never complains about all my cooking...) so I've been sent to fitness bootcamp ! Unfortunately the bootcamp is not away from home, it is a fitness program developed for home use!

A few months on, I'm really liking hubpages and enjoying the great pleasure of reading so many varied subjects in different ways by diverse people - one thing I appreciate is age range and the fact that this is not a site full of text language for comments (my pet hate !) I have already met some friendly, supportive, great people and now have a wealth of reading at my fingertips to regularly visit new hubs from my favourite writers and I'm discovering new gems every week!

I haven't produced many hubs yet, but I aim for quality, not quantity in my life!

I'm a great lover of classic British movies and you can see many of my favourites on Anthony Hopkins Movies List, particularly "A Bridge Too Far", "The World's Fastest Indian" (all about land-speed records and the famous Indian motorbikes) and "The Edge" which is a classic 'edge of your seat' thriller movie, sexed up with the age-old spice of infidelity. I'm a one-woman man myself (since Rach) but I still like to be smug about it watching movies like this!

I'm generally easy going, with a really GSOH but there is a very serious side to me, with certain values that some would dub old-fashioned!

There's a wealth of really good reading here created by many intelligent, knowledgeable, artistic and humorous people. I hope you enjoy your journey through Hubpages, feel free to join us here, you just need to choose your username, give your email address and you'll be set to start - suggest you build your profile first, read the help section for 'newbies', then go off and read a bit, then share your creativity with us all!

Best Jamie

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