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I am a mommy. A woman who is college educated, but chose not to pursue a career; instead, I decided to be a home mom and provide undivided support for my spouse and our family.

Writing has always been a major passion of mine. I was even invited to join my college news paper. That's something I've always been proud of, even though I didn't commit. It's too late to go back and do that, but it's not to late to just start expressing my thoughts and ideas to the public, in hopes that I can make something happen, and offer all the possible advice I have to give to anyone who will listen.

Likewise , all feedback and constructive criticism is more than welcome. I could use a support group of fellow women at this point in my life who are in or have been in similar situations.

This is me, finally giving myself a chance to participate in something that I absolutely love doing. I'm sure my main focus will be on everything family, but will also include other passions such as photography, yoga, meditation, and health and beauty.

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  • Hatha and Raja Yoga Principles

    Hatha and Raja Yoga Principles

    15 months ago

    Many believe that yoga is about how far you can stretch your body. This is actually only part of the point of yoga. I will explain the other half, which nobody ever discusses including the importance.