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I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm a twenty-five year old with a degree in Psychology and no place where I live to use it. I've always enjoyed writing, and write short stories and dialogues for fun in my free time. I'm a southern grown Yankee from the misty northwest. A man of stentorian mind and minute body, I am cursed by the spirits of the Osceola and filled with the spirits of Austin Nichols.

I work primarily from home due to a number of long-term illnesses. None of them are fatal... Well, not counting the cancer anyway.

In any case I used to be a copy-writer; putting together mission statements for businesses, and writing up all the information they present on their websites. You didn't think they actually wrote that stuff for themselves, did you?

Copy-writing also includes writing instruction manuals for products, coming up with advertisements (either online or printed), and presenting informative or instructive articles on just about any topic you can name. I've got about 1,000 contract credits under my belt so far, but when you copywrite, you don't get to have you name put on the work once it's been sold. To that end, I'm still fairly unknown, though I have several short stories which have received a fair amount of praise. Check them out online.









http://www.pillhillpress.com/shoppe-anthologies.html (Shadows & Light: Volume 2)


At present the cancer is in remission and I've recovered from treatment. But, because of the job market plummeting, there are people with decades of experience and advance degrees out there willing to work for three bucks an article, which has pretty much put me out of the copy-writing industry. To top that off, I've been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, probably as a result of the chemo. You may know it as that disorder that Venus Williams announced she had, so now it's one of those overly-hyped diseases that all the popular people get (kidding).

With the copy-writing thing out of my hands, I've opened up an internet business at www.p2proofreading.com. We proofread, copyedit, and edit all manner of written works for very reasonable prices. Feel free to check us out if you're thinking of cleaning up an old manuscript before sending it out to a literary agent or publisher.

In between jobs, I'm still trying to put together a few books. But, having the attention-span of a gnat, it seems I can't focus on a single book long enough to finish it before something else catches my attent—Oooh, shiney!

For anyone curious about my other work, I have a blog at a new address.


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