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Hey - If you don't already know me my name is Jason. I am a very independent person with a strong will to succeed.

In November I moved to Florida as a way to "start over" in a sense, I had lost my direction over the last several years and was heading down a path to nowhere.

Things have completely changed for me and I have once again returned to who I really am. I miss my friends and love them dearly but I don't miss where my life was headed, I can always go back to visit and can't wait to see everyone again.

I am currently working out 6 days a week while working diligently at home as an independent Beachbody Coach. I still have Red Robin as my part time income source while I build my personal business.

One of my goals in life was to be fully and completely independent with my time and finances by the time I was 30 years old - I am back on track fully and completely, my head is on straight and I feel more empowered that I ever have in my life. I will be someone to remember, even if it's just for my own satisfaction that's all that matters to me.

Another goal of mine was always to stay in peak physical condition - that quickly declined after my last year of college in 04 after I dropped out; I was then spiraling quickly towards a path I always dreaded. Don’t think for a second I regret any of my life during these last few years, I met amazing people, had amazing adventures, and experienced things that I would never exchange. But with that said, my life has changed and now I can honestly say I am back to the condition I was when I was 18. It's only getting better every single passing day!

I use Beachbody as my tool, I use my will and determination as my guide, and I use my love for life as my fuel to press forward every day.

I have spent a lot of time in personal development - I read several books a week (If you knew me before you'd know I hated to read) and find great empowerment in studying human psychology.

Honestly life couldn't be better at this point, all of my hopes and dreams are manifesting and I get closer and closer to who I always envisioned myself to be.

I have a job that keeps me in shape, I get the honor to help other people achieve their goals and find success in themselves, I get to enjoy nearly 100% of my time, I feel incredible, and my mind is expanding every single day. If you can't tell by this point, I have a true and great love for life and everything it has to offer. I take the good with the bad and live with 0 regrets. Every instance in life is created by you and only you - A true understanding of this will set your mind free to explore the far reaches of your every dream. Plain and simply if you know you can - You will.

Life is still a roller coaster and you will have bumps in the road, take each experience as something to learn about yourself and things can and will only get better. I could go on all day but if you read this far then I truly commend you - Most people would skip after the first paragraph :)

Be a leader in everything you do even if you don't think you can - By emulating what you want to be eventually you will become. It takes time and energy, this you must understand - If you laugh at me and think I'm full of it then my friend you are scared of what I have to say. You haven't tried hard enough and your failure holds you back from being what you want, the only way to comfort yourself is to turn off your faith in others and their will to persevere. Someday you may come to this realization, it may take a minute, it may take 40 years - I only hope you can discover your true self so you can live life with true prosperity.

“Complacency if Devastating”

By this I mean, Always accept change whether it seems good or bad. Never become to comfortable wherever you are because life happens. And finally, there is always something to learn if you open your mind.

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