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Who am I? Now there's a question...

I'm a passionate Alfa Romeo and SAAB fan, I'm a lover of motorcycles, a hiker with a love for the hills and mountains of North Wales. I'm a proud father of two bright and intelligent children who are now in their twenties and continuing their lifes journey through university. Im also a previous keeper of hawks and ferrets.

I feel, I observe, I help and I contribute, although, not necessarily in that order.

My causes are

1) an end to world hunger and poverty,

2) a reversal of climate change through a combination of renewable energy and vertical farming,

3) a return to natural, wholesome and nutritious foods in our diets, an end to the proliferation of processed foods that contain harmful chemicals, and,

4) an end to the corruption that allows unethical corporations to further agendas harmful to the populace through funding lobbying that influences government policy.

Ours is a world of beauty and resources, it's time we recognise that our current systems are not working and work together to produce new systems that will allow us to experience a world in harmony.

Our children deserve to live in a world of peace and plenty for all, not just the few who can afford it.

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