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Hi my name is Jay-Ar Segundo, a freelance writer. I am simple person with a strong faith in God. I came from a family with a harmonious relationship. I love caring the plants and the environment.My hobbies are landscaping, planting vegetables and fruits and most important is attending worship services.

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  • Planting Peanuts

    Planting Peanuts

    4 years ago

    Peanut(Arachis hypogaea L.) is a high-value crop that is one of the major field legumes grown by farmer. Among legumes, peanut has the highest Vitamin B and mineral content, as well as 26% protein.

  • How to Cultivate Squash

    How to Cultivate Squash

    4 years ago

    Squash (Cucurbita maxima Duch.) is a common perennial crop. native to Mexico and Central America.Though not as widely cuktivated as other vegetables, squash has its own share in the market.

  • How to grow Garlic

    How to grow Garlic

    4 years ago

    Sometimes called the king of all spices, garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a pungent bulb crop that is one of the most important cooking ingredients in the world.

  • How To Grow Tomato Plants

    How To Grow Tomato Plants

    4 years ago

    Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller) is a popular seasonal vegetable with a variety of uses. A rich source of Vitamins A & C, the fruit of the plant is primary ingredient in making purees & catsup.