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Hello everyone. I'm a 50 year old young lady from Bristol. I love my family , gardening and genealogy. My music taste is loud and my clothes are louder. I work as a teaching assistant at a primary school, so bad language doesn't bother me: as I'm told where to go and what to do when I get there on a daily basis. Love hub pages as I love to write.

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  • Pub Quiz Help

    Pub Quiz Help

    6 years ago

    We have all been there, to a quiz night.  Whether the quiz is held at a pub, church hall or school, we find ourselves asked along to make up the numbers of a quiz team. I find that several questions keep reoccurring...

  • chinese horoscopes animal Characteristics

    chinese horoscopes animal Characteristics

    5 years ago

    Are you a pig?  Do you know a rat? As soon as questions like these are asked an image of a person with these animal traits come into your mind.  Is it just coincident that people born in certain years share...

  • History of wall coverings

    History of wall coverings

    2 years ago

    Ever since man could pull himself to his feet, he has had the need to write on walls and to decorate his living space with art. From the basic recording of every day life, to the lavish decorations of palaces, man has...

  • Famous Pirates from Bristol

    Famous Pirates from Bristol

    4 years ago

    Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ‘are’. Good joke yes, but why did they ‘are’ and what did pirates of the past do and who were they? Well coming from the west of England I can see the joke as most of...

  • Useful facts about ladybirds and lacewings

    Useful facts about ladybirds and lacewings

    3 years ago

    Encouraging insects into the garden can seem contrary to everything we have done as gardeners.    However ladybirds and lacewings can eat more than their weight of aphids every day.  Lacewing larvae and ladybird...