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JB here. I am a young man who knows a lot about a lot of subjects. I work in the health inustry as a distributor rep and have lots of training in the medical field. I am also a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and personal trainer and I also do a little MMA training. I have a client that is a pro fighter (Roy Castleberry). I run a few websites and know how to make some money and do a little marketing on the internet. I also sell a little real estate and do financial advising on the side (Yes I am very busy). And there are many other subjects that I know a lot about: cars, motorcycles, MMA, powerlifting, bodybuilding, personal health, finance, real estate, and medical. If you would like me to make any pages about a certain topic feel free to e-mail me at JWB2233@Live.com.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


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  • The Cobra Mustang - SVT

    The Cobra Mustang - SVT

    8 years ago

    The Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, a pony car from Ford that was started back in 1993. This car was produced in very limited numbers and is a very high performance version of the popular Mustang platform from Ford, Cobra has...