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I'm was born and raised in Southern California before it became so crowded with traffic jams at 2 am. You're probably asking yourself "Why is this guy out at 2 or 3 am (shady....shady stuff), Things worked out though. I'm married and I have a wonderful daughter.

I've traveled to Europe and Brasil many times. I've worked on major Hollywood movies (on the crew side), but didn't like the 16 hour days or nights starting at any hour. So, I went into real estate as a mortgage consultant (the honest type of guy though, no screwy pushy salesman here, falsifying documents, etc), and currently in marketing and content publishing. Yeah, it's more sasy-going, but now I get to avoid those road rage episodes, and it pays well.

I believe there is always something to learn even though you get up there in age. I believe in respecting your elders and being formal in certain situations unlike Gen X or whatever it is now.

Some of my favorite topics are health, fitness, weight loss, tennis, sports, real estate, travel, nature, cultures and languages, and extra-terrestrial life (OK, I knew that would raise your eyebrows or make you say ..huh!!!..HA,HA) ....It is simply due to a relative working at JPL, military friends, and former staff all sharing their evidence...why would they not with millions of planets out there? and with that, I also believe in life after death in another universe. So, there you go.

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