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I was quite amazed to discover this fascinating forum called the hubpages. Where anyone can create a literary piece of work and share with the world wide web. I thought WOW what an awesome opportunity! Although I have no professional experience writing (as of yet!), I have always enjoyed to write, even the dreaded college research papers, and I am very excited to embark on this new journey.

When my boys were young, we had this marvelous idea to create a time capsule that future generations would later find and know exactly what it was like in the year 1994! So, we got a shoebox, decorated it extraordinarily, and proceeded to put some prize possessions in it. My oldest wrote a beautiful letter explaining exactly what the second grade was like and how we lived. Complete with our pictures. My very practicle three year old decided a matchbox car and GI Joe would be the wisest choice for future generations to fully understand us. We then buried it with the hopes that someday someone would discover it and have a piece of our existance.

Well at 41 years old I am happy to say the hubpages is assisting me in building the second timecapsule in my lifetime. I figure being a mother of 4 (ages 22, 18, 10, and 6) and a registered nurse for 20 years has equipped me with an unlimited supply of topics. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, crafts, fashion, health, and pets, but most importantly love, friends, laughter! I hope I am able to offer some enjoyable reading within the contents of my new time capsule.

For those of you who are also interested in engaging in this great community, you can sign up at www.hubpages.com.

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