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Well I'm here, I typing about things I know, I'm ok at it and want to be better. I suppose this started when I was laid off back in '08 and had to re-evaluate my life, I wanted to become a journalist and gave it a go....to no avail. I still enjoyed writing/typing so I wanted to blog just didn't know what to blog about, I started a personal journal which didn't last but two or three pages and then found another site and started to blog there. I found out I could get paid to blog and then decided to join here. I like it there are more mature people here than on the other site and that's a big plus but other than that....pretty laid back kinda guy I like doing my job but don't like my job if that makes sense? Either way follow me and my hubs and I can teach you a thing or two about customer service, amongst other things.

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      • HD versions of Great games

        HD versions of Great games

        7 years ago

        Do you ever look at your video games and wish they would make an updated version of some of them.  Keep everything else intact just update the graphics?  I do  and one of the ones I really wish they would...

      • Multiple Game Console Owners

        Multiple Game Console Owners

        7 years ago

        Who owns multiple video game console and why?As for me I own three, Wii, PS3 and 360.  Why?  because I don't want to miss out on any great games that come console specific e.g. Heavy Rain (ps3) Halo series...

      • Give it to me straight doc...

        Give it to me straight doc...

        7 years ago

        Here is my second hub after a few days and some critique from some friends and fellow hubbers I have taken some of their recommendations and tweaked it...let me know what you think...oh and Give it to me...

      • Alright give it to me straight doc.

        Alright give it to me straight doc.

        7 years ago

        Hey guys just joined Hub pages...about three weeks ago and just got around to writing my first hub,  I meant to revise it but got excited and hit publish prematurely either way I would appreciate some constructive...