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I live in a cottage on a one lane road in the woods, surrounded by nature.

I am a Professional Astrologer and a Professional Tarot Card reader, who is clairsentient. I sometimes see psychic visions, but mostly "feel" what's going on with my clients. My site jeanbakula.wordpress.com is a "landing site" if you want a reading. It explains what I offer, and what you need to do, if you want a Tarot Reading or Natal chart is explained there.

Computer generated sites have poor interpretations, and even wrong planets in the houses at times. I have begun using software to "cast the chart", in order to avoid the math, but all astrology interpretations are my own.

I have read Tarot and practiced Astrology out of two local businesses near my home, The Healing Center and Soul Journey. I love hanging out with like minded and gifted people at businesses and metaphysical fairs. I also take courses in Intuition and Clairvoyance, and have a continuing Meditation practice, having tried many kinds.. I have tried TM, chanted with a Buddhist Monk, and it's all helpful. I am a Seeker. I like to be learning something new, either on my own, or by taking a class. But I want to pass on what used to be secret, esoteric knowledge to you, so we can all benefit from it. This is one of my life's goals.

Astrology charts and Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed mental health or medical professional, so can't answer health related questions except in a very basic way (though I will suggest you see a doctor if I feel you have a pressing issue which needs attention).

You have the gift of FREE WILL, so if you get a reading you do not like, interpret that as a warning sign, and do your best to either alter your behavior or get yourself out of whatever negative situation you are in!

In Fall 2011, my poetry book Pathways through Spirituality was published. It is an original way to learn to read the Tarot, rather than memorization, I wrote a poem explaining each card's meaning.The book is available on Amazon.com. I will benefit in the form of royalites from the publisher if you order it, and it is available in Kindle form.

I identify myself as a Pagan who tries to live "the middle way" influenced by Buddhism. I am fortunate to live about an hour from New York, also from Philadelphia, so I have the best of both worlds, the shows and attractions of the city, and the quiet beauty of my Northwestern NJ home.

I am open to writing about metaphysical topics on other people's blogs for a fee.

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