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By day, I am a Chief Software Architect, by night, a honey bee enthusiast. If you would like to get more information about raising honey bees, visit my blog about raising honey bees in your back yard at justaboxofbugs. com.

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  • Raising Queen Bees

    Raising Queen Bees

    5 years ago

    There is one member of your hive that you simply cannot do without, the queen. She is the center of the entire process that the hive goes through. Without her, there are no more worker eggs that will be laid. Without...

  • 6 Easy Steps to Make a Nuc Box for Bees

    6 Easy Steps to Make a Nuc Box for Bees

    4 months ago

    Beekeepers who need to start splitting hives to prevent them from swarming will want to know how to make their own nuc (nucleus colony) box. Here's how!

  • 10 Best iPhone Pranks

    10 Best iPhone Pranks

    3 months ago

    Fun pranks to play on your friends using your iPhone.

  • Safely Transporting Bee Hives in Your Car

    Safely Transporting Bee Hives in Your Car

    19 months ago

    Moving a hive in your car doesn't have to be a dangerous or risky proposition. If you aren't careful though, the situation could go terribly wrong. You would hate to end up with angry bees in the car with you! Follow...