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Born in 60s London, I have grown up during the UK's social evolution into its current multiethnic, multicultural persona. Probably of spiritual leaning and not adverse to the idea that we are not alone in this universe, I see established views as there to be challenged while a little discomfort or sometimes controversy is a stimulant for good debate and true opinion.

I enjoy listening and observing more than jumping on the table to shout over everyone's voices. Too often we hear without necessarily listening and look without truly observing.

Language and its modern use often conceals a more direct meaning in its original context. Religion is derived from the phrase to re-legion which describes the indoctrination of those conquered so that they conform to their conquerors beliefs. Similarly, to 'understand' originally implied to under-stand that is to stand under or beneath in a form of submissive obedience.

Freeing yourself from the shackles of excepted norm is a liberating experience where reality can become a fluid changing phenomena that cannot be mathematically formulated. Just enjoy the ride and discover that most things can provide at least a glimmer of enjoyment in the presence of appropriate company.

I love the little oasis' of intriguing personalities that can be found living their isolated fantasies under the intense superficiality of city life. I am lifted by the uninhibited joy and honesty of children and overawed by the majestic power of mother nature.

I hope you will find my hubs interesting, stimulating and hopefully a little thought-provoking. Thank you for reading my profile.

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