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I have a few friends, whom I love dearly. Though, I have a rough time remembering birthdays and such, I try to make sure they know I love them throughout the year. Hopefully, they understand I am just blonde and forgot about the special day...

I love music. I listen to music that speaks to me in some way. I listen to a variety of music types, including rap, country, jazz, and pop. I guess I have not found any one kind of music that satisfies my needs.

I love books, especially fantasy fiction. No, I do not mean erotica! I know the difference!

I wrote a book, though very few have heard of it.

Tior (published by PublishAmerica and found on Amazon.com) is about Rekasha Homebrede attempting to protect her siblings from the torture she endured and learning she has become their biggest threat.

Right now I am trying to figure out what is going on with me. My friend, Winaiva, suggested I share my journey with you. She thought it would help someone else, if they were experiencing the same thing.

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      I have opened an account under a pseudoname and this has worked out fine. Now, I found that I wanted to write a hub under my own name. I want to link the accounts. I have searched the questions and found an answer....