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Joined 10 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

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  • Dancing with Confidence

    Dancing with Confidence

    19 months ago

    Author's experience of dance from a child, to adult and how it can help with mental health.

  • Feeling empowered as a woman.

    Feeling empowered as a woman.

    5 years ago

    Why feel empowered as a woman is important and learning to love yourself as a unique individual.

  • The Alphamusic of John Levine

    The Alphamusic of John Levine

    7 years ago

    The benefits of using Alphamusic in my therapy treatments. The way the music helps clients and what I have gained personally as a therapist. Relaxation, improvement in energy levels and peace.

  • Fascinating Cats

    Fascinating Cats

    7 years ago

    A poem about cats and how fascinating and individual they are. A must for cat lovers!

  • Sparkles of Light

    Sparkles of Light

    5 years ago

    Snow at night time. The magic of snow and connecting to our inner child.

  • Shop local and save energy and fuel

    Shop local and save energy and fuel

    6 years ago

    A hub about shopping locally, saving physical energy and money on fuel. Gives my personal experience and observations about shopping, work and the fast track world we live in!

  • Beyond Illusion

    Beyond Illusion

    8 years ago

    Seeing the bigger picture. Moving beyond illusion to connect to your soul staying in the NOW MOMENT. Self realisation and awareness through meditation. Moving beyond the third dimension.

  • Happy New Year 2012 - A year of change.

    Happy New Year 2012 - A year of change.

    8 years ago

    2012 a year of great change - a message from the angels about the higher frequencies and our part in ascension.

  • Survival Guide for a single parent

    Survival Guide for a single parent

    9 years ago

    Tips for single parents by someone who has done it! Survival, friendships, consistency, exercise and love and relationships. Taking yourself forward with positivity whilst coping with demands.

  • Angel Vision

    Angel Vision

    7 years ago

    Poem about angels and how they are there for us in our darkest moments.

  • Especially at Christmas

    Especially at Christmas

    7 years ago

    A poem about being careful at Christmas and how it is unnecessary to spend, spend, spend because you will regret it in January!

  • The Silver Lining

    The Silver Lining

    9 years ago

    Finding that place of positivity within you. Breaking down old patterns of behaviour that are no longer needed. Exploring second best and banishing it from your life. Appreciation, abundance, love.

  • Moving out of Fear

    Moving out of Fear

    6 years ago

    Guidance from out Guardian Angels who help us move our of fear!

  • Asking Angels

    Asking Angels

    7 years ago

    Hub about bringing angels into your life through faith and belief and outlines my own experiences with angels. How our Guardian Angels assist us and sometimes leave signs to show us they are around.

  • Freeing Yourself From Addictions

    Freeing Yourself From Addictions

    18 months ago

    Explaining the nature of addictions and what kind of addictions people suffer from. Inner Child and Hypnotherapy, looking within.



    7 years ago

    Poem about middle aged women and men meeting for coffee in cafes. Exploring re-actions to love and dating.

  • Cosmic Ordering Made Easy

    Cosmic Ordering Made Easy

    7 years ago

    A hub about the Law of Attraction, believing in you, creating a vision board and following your dreams. It also explains the power of the written word and how meditation is beneficial.

  • Seeking Approval

    Seeking Approval

    7 years ago

    A hub about our need to seek approval from others rather than going within to find out what we truly want for us. Covers emotional intelligence, balancing your male/female aspects and relationships.

  • I've Got To Get Rid Of Me Roosters

    I've Got To Get Rid Of Me Roosters

    7 years ago

    Poem about finding a home for a rooster. Inspired by a true story about keep hens, written in a comical way.

  • Lack of Commitment

    Lack of Commitment

    7 years ago

    Why people won't commit to each other. Feelings of being held in the lack, relationship issues, being committed to yourself and seeing through illusions.

  • Finding your own Silver Lining!

    Finding your own Silver Lining!

    7 years ago

    Finding your inner happiness by creating your own Silver Lining. Law of Attraction, staying in the now moment, believing you are not just average. What I write about in my hubs and why I write them!

  • Are White Lies Acceptable?

    Are White Lies Acceptable?

    19 months ago

    A hub about white lying and how it is hurtful if someone does not tell the truth. All lies are lies and my personal experiences. Looks at our core beliefs and reasons why people tell white lies.

  • Facing Up to Our Truth

    Facing Up to Our Truth

    7 years ago

    Mirror work. Loving yourself, acceptance and acknowledging your shadow for healing. Acceptance of the past and moving on.

  • Earth Angels

    Earth Angels

    19 months ago

    Information about different types of angels and channelled information about the earth. Blessings, manifestation and how it is important now to raise our vibration so that we can hear their messages.

  • Aura Readings

    Aura Readings

    7 years ago

    Aura Readings, colour chakras, Jennifer Lynch, Angel Wisdom, energy fields, healing blocks, moving forwards, healing.

  • Coming to Grips with Dyslexia

    Coming to Grips with Dyslexia

    7 years ago

    Attitudes towards Dyslexia. Thinking in pictures. Feeling locked out and wishing someone would turn the key. Inner child and confidence. The benefits of using poetry.

  • Breeding Chickens

    Breeding Chickens

    19 months ago

    My little chicks! This is the first time ever, I've recently had a try at expanding our brood of chickens and to be honest it was extremely exciting and very successful. One of our hens always seemed to be sitting in the hen house on the other two...

  • Still Looking Good

    Still Looking Good

    7 years ago

    An interesting poem about a lady I saw in the park and coming to terms with becoming older. Looking at the positive aspects of ageing whilst walking in the park - great poem!

  • Expectations in Relationships

    Expectations in Relationships

    19 months ago

    Looking at our expectations of relationships and how things have changed since the eighties. The benefits of communication within relationships and listening to each other.



    7 years ago

    Explains how gratitude can alter your life and how staying in the now moment can help you find true and lasting happiness.


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